PerfAnalytics : Projet ANR PIA- PPR 2020

Contacts : Lionel Reveret (INRIA), Guillaume Saulière (INSEP)


3D motion measurement from markerless video in Parabadminton
collaborative work with PPR Paraperf

participants: LJK (INRIA), IRMES (INSEP), FFBadminton
Full body 3D measurement of shape and motion from markerless video in Boxing

participants: LJK (INRIA), IRMES (INSEP), FFBoxe
Combined measurement of contact forces from sensors and 3D motion from markerless video in speed climbing

participants: GIPSA (UGA), LJK (INRIA), FFME
Learning of detection of punches in Elite Boxing from multi-views videos
work presented at ECSS 2023 by Victor Vitel

participants: IRMES (INSEP), LJK (INRIA), FFBoxe

Overall presentation